Welcome to my new blog. It is my desire to use Fruitful Endeavors as a place to share our homeschooling, homesteading, home cooking and the overall joys of home with you. We are, after all, on many endeavors that prayerfully will be fruitful over time.

My name is Julia and I have been married to Michael for 10 and a half years now. In that time we have built a house, started a landscape business, felt the effects of the draining economy, closed a business and all with 4 children in tow. We have 1 rugged, ‘outdoorsy’ son and 3  giggly, chatty girls. I could use lots more adjectives  but will stop there. They range in ages from 8 to 3.

I have homeschooled from the beginning and this year I joke that I have 3 in school and potty training the 4th. So in other words, life is busy! I will go more into our crazy, ready to pull my hair out delightful homeschool days in another post.

As for our homestead…we are still working on making all of our dreams a reality. We have the land but need the housing (we are currently renting at a different location). And we want to build for as debt free as possible, which is why we are still without the house on what we affectionately refer to as “The Farm.”

And lastly, the home cooking! I am by no means a great cook. I have s-l-o-w-l-y in our 10 and a half-year marriage begun to enjoy being in the kitchen and learning new skills. My husband, on the other hand, can walk into the kitchen and create something as delicious as anything Emeril would pull together and all without a recipe. I am learning a lot as I go, as I assume most of us do!

My current list of ‘want to try’ projects include: baking bread (without the bread machine…my machine just might cry), make my own vanilla, make tortillas and pasta and there are more that I will share at a later time. I might add that my MIL told me that if  she ever came over and saw homemade pasta, she would give me a long break…that has nothing to do with wanting to make my own pasta. Or does it?!

Hope you will follow along our journeys…the good, the bad and the what-were-we-thinking!

OH! And let me say that I am still working on my layout. Lots of plans, ideas and doing but hopefully I will get just the right look soon!