This year we are getting a refund. I cannot remember the last time we have gotten a refund. This is HUGE…and I am a little excited, in case you weren’t catching on to that.

But do you know the problem with refunds?

There are way too many ways in which to use the unexpected moo-lah…doughcashbucks….

Or maybe it is just me.

Either way, we found ourselves wondering what to do with the extra money. We decided the best thing would be to invest in some supplies for our kitchen. If the garden does as well as we hope this year, there will be lots to can. In the past we have always borrowed a pressure canner but have decided to take the plunge and get our own. Yikes those things aren’t cheap! Can you hear the cha-ching? We decided on this 921 All American pressure canner:

We are also going to purchase (and I am so excited about this),  a Nutrimill grain mill. My mind is in overdrive with what I can do with really good (for you) flour! Bread, pasta, pizza crusts, cookies, cakes and pies, oh my! Now many of those things I have and do make on a regular basis, but I haven’t tried my hand at homemade breads (well I did once but that is for another day) or pasta. I am just overall delighted to know that we can now use better flour. I cannot wait for it to get here. The butter and knife are on standby. 😉

One last purchase we made, and this is all thanks to my husband…a laptop…for me! And I am typing on it right now. It is beautiful. It is awesome. And I am so thankful for this unexpected gift. Now to keep it away from 4 sticky fingered kids and I will be all set!