I love this idea from Laura at Heavenly Homemaker. Every Tuesday she posts what she is thankful for…hence the name Gratituesday. What a clever name, right?!

So I was going to post my gratituesday this morning but our homeschool day seemed to be never-ending and I never made it to the computer. I was going to say how grateful I was that the kids were all better after a very long winter of sickness (ear infections, sinus infections, flu, strep throat, more ear infections…). However, one of the kids has come down with something this afternoon. I guess if I tried hard enough I could think of something to still be thankful for here but I am not going there while cleaning up the bathroom.

What I am grateful for today is the weekend where everyone was happy, well (never underestimate the power of being well!), and energetic. I am grateful for family time where we laughed, played, shopped and just enjoyed being well (I can’t emphasize that enough, can I?). I love my family and love every moment we get to spend together.

What are you grateful for today?

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