Vintage Book Spines

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is reading great books to the kids. Unfortunately my children don’t seem to agree.

Now when I hear of someone reading to the kids, I usually imagine all the kids snuggled up with mom(or dad) on the couch or someone’s bed. They are all happy, smiling and can’t wait for what will happen next. They all cry as they feel the pain of a favorite hero, giggle with delight at a hero’s triumph, and laugh out loud at silly antics by various characters. That is what I imagine. If that is what you are imaging for me, let me quickly squash that idea.

This is reality for me:

“We are going to do what?!”

“I don’t want to!”

And the scene is more like mom on the couch all smiles while holding a book she knows in her heart they will enjoy…if only they would listen. The kids are running around with only thing on their minds: “who is it?” Mom soon becomes quiet and realizes that all attempts to read  a classic (maybe I haven’t emphasized it is a classic?!) are getting her nowhere!

Ahhh, but this week?

This week was different. (I said that with a huge grin of accomplishment.)

We sat down amidst complaints and negative feelings that were displayed so well they really should have gotten an Oscar. And then I began to read, “Once there were four children…” And by the time I got to “‘Goodness gracious me!’ exclaimed the Faun,” they were so hooked. (I bit my tongue in order not to giggle or proclaim, “I told you so!”)

I couldn’t get over their pleas to read more! And do you know we read 10 chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in one sitting! 10 chapters! My voice became so weak that I am sure I made the Witch sound especially evil.

So maybe there is hope for us. Or at least I hope that wasn’t a one time thing! Surely when we pick up Prince Caspian they will be at my shaky voice’s mercy once again.

What great books have you read to your kids lately? Maybe, if your kids are more like mine, you should give it another try and see if you can’t mesmerize them with great literature. But do be careful when biting your tongue in order not to tell them “I told you so.” You will need use of that tongue when reading!