Sunday, March 20
Breakfast: Spinach Quiche
Lunch: Sandwiches and chips
Dinner: Taco Night

Monday, March 21
Breakfast: Omelets
Lunch: Beans and dogs
Dinner: Corned Beef, carrots, potatoes and cabbage (better late than never!)

Tuesday, March 22
Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole, Cinnamon Muffins with vanilla muffins
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Chicken, corn and salad

Wednesday, March 23
Breakfast: Pumpkin Bread
Lunch: Nuggets, Mac and Cheese
Dinner: Chicken and broccoli casserole, rolls

Thursday, March 24
Breakfast: French Toast
Lunch: cheesy enchiladas
Dinner: We will be having what we always call “My Recipe” around here. I have no idea how/why that was started but it is a different kind of take from Hamburger Helper. Guess that would be the best description. I will take pictures and include the recipe later. We will be having peas with this.

Friday, March 25
Breakfast: Hashbrown Casserole
Lunch: Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit
Dinner: Hamburgers, baked beans and fries

I will be shopping this weekend for my 2 weeks worth of groceries and so will include that day’s plan later.