One of our projects lately has been building a greenhouse to hold many (and I do mean many) plants. We are new to growing tomatoes from seed but decided it was worth trying and well…we will see!

BUT we needed a greenhouse.

So we went to Lowe’s loaded with ideas we had found on the internet but not loaded with enough money to buy it. You should have seen us! Our brains were in overdrive trying to come up with a make shift greenhouse.

And I would insert a picture

HERE (of what we built from scratch)

IF I could find my SD card that contains the pictures! I picked up my camera yesterday to take pictures of another adventure and my card was missing.

The humorous thing here is we are growing tomatoes and peppers from seed and it is our goal to save seeds this year so we won’t have to buy again next year.

REALLY?! We can’t keep up with a SD card…or shoes…or keys…or our children (just kidding. I know where they are…somewhere outside.)

So assuming I find the card in the forseeable future, I will post pictures of our make shift greenhouse (but not the shoes or keys because I am sure that is the last thing you care to see). I will also be posting updates as the tomatoes and peppers grow.