It has been awhile since I have blogged but it has never been far from my mind. I even started a few posts but for one reason or another, it was never finished. BUT I am back at it and hoping this time things will go a bit more smoothly.

I did make a few small changes from before (so small I am sure you wouldn’t have even noticed) and added a tagline. I struggled with the tagline. What I picture is 3-fold with ‘fruitfulendeavors.’ I want it to reflect not only the training and growing of our children toward a loving God but prayerfully the end result will be growth of the Fruits of the Spirit. And I would also like to throw in what I am learning in my own Bible studies.

Second, what I imagine is all that it takes to care for a family and included in that would be our homeschooling life. I will share curriculum choices and the like.

And third, I will share our journey towards a homestead (i.e. homegrown foods). We are learning a lot and not getting nearly as far along as I would like but wherever we go I will blog about it.

So that is my hope for fruitfulendeavors–a blog that shows growth in foods for the Spirit and body.

Just curious…which Fruit of the Spirit comes easiest to you? And which edible fruit do you like the best? And on the flip side, which Spiritual Fruit do you struggle with and which fruit do you avoid?