So one reason I was so far behind on posting had to do with our crazy summer. About 11 or 12 days after my next to last post, our area was hit with several tornadoes. We were not, thankfully, personally affected by these storms but it did cause my husband to work A LOT of overtime.

The tornadoes hit late April and we had not gotten our garden planted. So guess who got to do that? Yours truly. My son, Daniel, and I planted 3 or 4 rows of corn and within the hour it poured. Our corn did not germinate. Whether it was due to the flash flood or the then lack of water for weeks after (I guess I should insert here that we do not live where our garden is which makes the ol’ saying, “out of sight, out of mind” all too true for me). Long story short, we opted to forego the corn this year. Sad but true!

Our neighbor did offer us a spot to plant all those tomatoes I had started from seed. I did manage to get those planted and a row of green beans. The short version of this story is the beans didn’t go well at all. But the tomatoes were my pride and joy. Everyone remarked at the beauty of my 40+ plants.

Thankfully Michael’s overtime didn’t last all summer as was originally projected but he did miss out on most of the fun of planting, watering and weeding. He did help me stake the plants between rain storms! 🙂

In the end I managed to get roughly 20 quarts of tomato juice (we had a disease hit some of my tomatoes). It was my intent to make sauce with them but the more I got involved with them, the more I thought of how nice it would be to have juice on hand for chilis and soups.

The rest of my summer was spent having some special one-on-one time with each child, lounging by the pool, catching up on some reading and hitting the beach.

I will post on how I made tomato juice (for the first time ever, I might add) in a later post.

What did you plant this year and how did you do with the harvest?