I mentioned before that I like to follow the Heavenly Homemaker blog but seeing as how that has been awhile…. 🙂  Laura has great, healthy recipes and is great at encouraging us to fix healthy, unprocessed foods.

Anyway, every Tuesday she has Gratituesday and lists what she is thankful for that day. And since it is officially November and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving, I thought I would link-up with her and I want to encourage us all to find something to be thankful for…and not just on Tuesday’s this month. Let’s make it a daily thing this month.

So what am I thankful for today?

It is a simple thing but it has had a big impact on my day. It seems as of late that my dear children would like nothing more than to bicker and complain about everything. It has been a hard battle BUT today was different. They have all played well with each other. My 2 girls who usually complain, fuss and whine over their school work, did it all without a grumble. I tell you something strange was going on in this house today!

I managed to get some greens from our garden put up, soup made, the laundry put away (it has only been there long enough for everyone to just come to the laundry room when they need something to wear!), the house picked up, spent a lot of time outside on this beautiful fall day and spent some time in the Bible while the kiddos played and laughed.

My 9-year-old even commented just a minute ago that “man, today has been a good day!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful day to enjoy this beautiful day you have given us (and for happy children)…can I have more of the same tomorrow?!

What are you thankful for today?